Snow Rails

What are Snow Rails?

Snow rails also known as snow guards or snow stops, are devices installed on the roof of a building prevent snow and ice from sliding off in large amounts and potentially causing harm to people or property, these are also known as “roof avalanches”. 

How are Snow Rails Installed?

Snow rails are typically made of metal or plastic and are attached to the roof surface using screws, adhesive or clamps. They are commonly used on sloped roofs.

Few benefits of having snow rails…

Protection: Snow rails can prevent snow and ice from sliding off a roof, protecting people and property below.

Safety: Snow rails can make it safer to walk on a roof during winter, as they provide traction and prevent slipping on snow and ice.

Structural Integrity: Snow rails can also help preserve the structural integrity of a building by distributing the weight of snow and ice across the roof.

Energy Efficiency: Snow rails can also improve energy efficiency by preventing snow from blocking air vents and chimneys, which can cause heat to escape from the building.

Aesthetic: Snow rails can also improve the aesthetic appearance of a building by providing a clean, finished look to the roof.

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