Let’s face it –cleaning gutters is not on any one’s wish list. Gutters are designed to divert rain away from your house. They can capture leaves, twigs, dirt, roof runoff, and other outdoor grime but if they clog, they can fill up quickly and result in serious water and structural damage to your home.

This is where gutter guards come in. They can provide protection from most debris and continue the flow of water to the gutters without too much interruption. The guard itself can be made up of a variety of materials and different designs.

Without guards in place, your gutters will require very frequent maintenance which is time consuming and often can be dangerous. Your choice in gutter guards will depend on your needs and situation. Some options are more affordable than others and all gutter guards need some type of maintenance, it will just depend on how often.

HH Improvements is partnered with LeafBlaster Pro and installation is backed by a 40-year Warranty after registration. 

Common Types of Gutter Guards

Foam Gutter Guards

This is a common type of gutter guard and they’re inexpensive. It’s made up of pieces of specialized foam that fit directly into your gutters and easy to install without professional help. This type of guard does not offer full protection – some debris may still get around the foam, and clogs may form on top of the foam gutter guards. Since cleaning the gutters is still recommended, needing to remove the guards and clean the gutters, this system doesn’t eliminate the maintenance of your gutters.

Screen Gutter Guards

These are pieces of screen that sit on top of the gutters, usually with larger holes. They are affordably and easy to install. However, there not as secure as other guards out there and can become dislodged with high winds. Having larger holes means not everything is filtered out potentially still clogging your gutters which then requires regular maintenance.

Brush Gutter Guards

These guards look like very large pipe cleaner type brushes, and they are installed into the gutters. There made up of stiff bristles that sit upright debris from falling into the gutter system while rainwater continues into the gutters. Brush gutter guards are easy to install but not always the most effective. Smaller debris can get caught in the bristles or make it way through which in turn clogs and may damage your gutters. Every time you need to do maintenance they need to be replaced.

Micromesh Gutter Guards

Micromesh gutter guards are the are the best for the protection of your home. There are pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons. Compared to others, most people find the micromesh better for a few reasons. It is made up of stainless steel, so it holds up for years against wea and tear. They are also considered to be a permanent solution, providing a safe and low maintenance way of protecting your gutters. These types of gutters are mainly installed by professional and comes with a variety of warranties, so your investment is long term.

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