When it comes to siding there are many different applications to choose from. Depending on your style and needs this can get overwhelming fast, so we try to help you give our opinion on the types of siding every homeowner should consider. There are many factors to consider before taking that step including types of siding, materials, and durability and life expectancy.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular and common choice among homeowners, since most are familiar with this type, and it is an economic option. It comes in a wide array of colors, types, and some are not as durable as others out there. It is not completely maintenance free and vulnerable to weather damage. Everyone wants to get the most for their money so be a smart shopper. It is easy to install so it keeps the labor cost down. Getting it installed correctly by our professionals will give you that piece of mind that it will last. 


Wood siding is easy to install and be cut and shaped to your liking. Many designers choose this option for its natural aesthetics. There is an array of wood species and grades to consider. With proper maintenance, wood siding can last a very long time. Choosing higher quality wood grades will bring up the cost and has a high maintenance. Being wood, it is also vulnerable to woodpeckers, termites, and rotting.


Masonry adds great aesthetic appeal. It has an impress durability and requires minimal maintenance and can potentially last that life of the home. It does not mold and rot and even resistant to fire. Masonry can have limited color options and can get expensive very fast. It must be tied back to the building structure to prevent movement under earthquake and weather loads.

Synthetic Stone

This type of stone is made up of sand, cement and aggregate. This type can mimic almost any type of stone to include limestone and granite. Synthetic stone is rarely made to cover entire homes but makes a great accent to a wall or chimney. It’s a fraction of the cost of real stone and gives it that realistic look to the stone you are mimicking. Synthetic stone is lightweight with builders not needing to reinforced foundation footings. It is less structurally sound due to it being made of concrete and still cost more than other sidings available.

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