Are you tired of breaking out the ladder and climbing up to your roof to clean your home’s gutter system? Do you wish there were an easier way to keep them clear of debris?

Doing so can help prevent you from ever having to climb up and clear debris out of your gutter ever again. It will help ensure that all water is being quickly removed away from your property so as not to harm your foundation.
The Midwest is known for its vast amount of trees and greenery, all of which have the potential of dropping debris on your home.

This could be things like:


The list goes on and on. Especially during the fall and wintertime, you’ll find yourself climbing up the ladder often to clean out the gutters. This is a task that’s tedious, time-consuming, and—quite frankly—unnecessary.

By installing our our the Leaf Blaster Pro, you’re giving your gutter system the protection that it needs. It’s made of stainless steel mesh and an aluminum body which prevents even the tiniest thistle from entering your gutters.

As such, you’ll never have to worry about getting up on your ladder to clean the gutters out again. Our system is entirely durable, meaning it will stand up to the test of time.

Many people don’t realize the damage that debris can do to a gutter system. Let’s take a closer look at what that entails.

The Damage Of Debris
Let’s say you choose not to invest in a gutter guard system. You opt to clean your gutters out by hand every other week during the fall and winter season. What could go wrong, right?

As it turns out… A lot could go wrong. Debris does an incredible amount of damage to your gutter system over time. As the debris continues to fall, it will eventually clog your entire system. Here are a few of the biggest concerns when that happens:

Your gutter system starts to tilt or sag, which eventually leads to them ripping off your house from the weight of the water.
The gutters overflow with water, which causes the water to spill over the side and onto the foundation of your home. This makes your gutters virtually pointless to have on your house. They aren’t doing their job.
Mold and mildew start to grow around your gutters, your foundation, and the base of your home.
The immense amount of water that spills over from your gutters can lead to a flooded basement.
Don’t leave any of these to chance.

What are the benefits of leaf Blaster Pro?

When installing the gutter guards on your house, you should look at it for what it is: a long-term investment. We guarantee that our system will serve you well for the next 20 years and beyond.

So much so, that we offer a 20-year warranty on the system. We believe that the materials our system is made of—aluminum and stainless steel—will serve you well for decades to come.

Not only will its functionality last for 20 years, so will its appearance. You likely won’t notice any wear and tear on our gutter guard system, which is more than we can say for other low-quality construction materials out there.

Peace Of Mind
Imagine not having to worry about the congestion inside your gutters. You won’t cringe and hold your breath when it storms anymore.

You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that these guards are doing their job.

Most importantly, you don’t have to install it. We don’t just sell our guards, we install it for you as well, ensuring a perfect fit.

Easier To Maintain
If only gutter cleaning were as easy as reaching in with one hand, grabbing all the debris, and throwing it in a disposable bag. Anyone that spends their weekends cleaning the gutters knows that’s not true.

Ou guards make maintenance so much easier. The stainless steel mesh catches even the smallest blade of grass and allows the water to flow through effortlessly.

All of the debris now sits atop the gutter guard system, rather than in the crevices of the gutter itself. Simply swipe your hand across and push the debris into a bag! It’s as easy as that!

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